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The Benefits of Using Argan Seed Oil on your Face

Most cosmetics can contain ingredients that dry out skin, irritate it and increase the speed at which you age. At BASIQ, our Argan Seed Oil 100% pure and is hand-pressed by a family who has been growing it for centuries. It is rich with nutrients that are important for healthy cells. A medium-bodied oil Comedogenicity ratings are how various oils are categorized on the degree to which they will clog your pores. The rating scale is from zero to five and the higher you rank the more likely the oil has a tendency to produce or aggravate acne or blackheads. Coconut oil is regularly listed at four, and sometimes higher.  "Argan Seed Oil has a comedogenic rating of zero." That means,...

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Taroudante, Morocco | The family that grows our trees

Just outside the city of Casablanca, Morocco is a arid desert with an ideal climate for growing argan trees. The family that makes BASIQ's Argan Seed Oil has lived here for generations. They have masted the art of growing argan trees that produce an oil so rich in nutrients that it is referred to as "liquid gold." Grown on a family farm in Taroudante, Morocco, BASIQ's Argan Seed Oil in hand-nurtured from seedling to extraction.    Climate The tenacious argan tree grows wild through drought and harsh weather. It does not require anything more than arid soil because its long roots travel deep in the soil to find water. Despite the harsh conditions, argan trees can live up to 250 years...

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