About Us

BASIQ is a modern skincare brand with products made from Earth's most pure ingredients that are powerful enough to stand on their own. 

Our Story

I grew up in a small beach community in Buffalo, NY. My older sister and I would spend our summer days on the beach swimming in the lake & playing with the neighborhood kids until the streetlights came on. As any typical girl, when I started to mature I become interested in boys & makeup and had thoughts about what I wanted to do in my future.

One constant ambition was that I always wanted to have my own thing, my own company, something I built from the ground up. I wanted this thing to help other people be kinder to one another and now it’s evolved into becoming more open to not only each other but living more consciously of themselves, others and our world. After finishing art school, I moved to the Big Apple where I could be whoever I wanted to be. I worked off-Broadway with an established theatre company, helped a friend produce new plays for her scrappy startup, and I met a handsome boy who stole my heart on a Tuesday night in Alfie’s.

He was from Morocco and had a very charming accent that repeatedly captured my butterflies. After we started dating he introduced me to a traditional skincare routine that his mother & aunt's swear by: Argan Seed Oil.

I had obviously heard of this before but was under the assumption that this was meant only for my hair but oh I was wrong. These tiny droplets of liquid gold, that I slathered only on my face every night and my ENTIRE body, changed my whole perspective on skincare & beauty.

Rather than turning to the latest skincare trends that are potions concealed in great packaging and a light fragrance, I moved towards the roots of tradition. Here, at the foundational level of ingredients, I realized simple ingredients are powerful enough to stand on their own and improve my millennial glow.

BASIQ is a brand that is giving age-old traditions a facelift. With these BASIQ ingredients, you have total control of what is being absorbed by your body. Our ingredient list is simple: one ingredient with multiple purposes.

So clear your vanity Marie Kondo style and make the switch to something more BASIQ.